Fear the Mirror
(Vehicule Press, 2021)

Not in Vain You've Sent Me Light
(Guernica Editions, 2021)

Behold Things Beautiful
(Signature Editions, 2016)

The Other Oscar
(Quattro Books, 2016)

Signs of Subversive Innocents 
(Signature Editions, 2014)

Manifesto of a Murdered Poet by Cora Siré

Poets, sisters of the spoken word
Craft your postings well
Embrace all vagary, take courage
As daily you sit down to write
Dig deep and then dig deeper.
Stare down the blackest stain
Neither slam your laptop nor abandon words
Repeat, repeat until you are depleted
Then begin anew to wrestle time and space...

Torment your soul with authenticities
Be clever with your prophecies
Inoculate yourself from fear
Love in multiples and deeply.
But take care with how you die:
Leave no trace for misinterpretation
Shred all drafts, deletions, doodles
As every ink stain you’ve created,
Digitized or reproduced in black and white
Will go after you down the darkest path of this night.

-- from: “Signs of Subversive Innocents” by Cora Siré, Signature Editions, Winnipeg; 2014.